About our company

PPHU Kazimierczak Jerzy has been serving the Greenhouse industry since 1994.

We specialize in the construction and installation of Venlo greenhouses, screening systems and heating systems for the greenhouse horticulture sector both in our county and abroad. We do turnkey projects throughout Europe. Our projects we realize, among others, in Finland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. We work with many of the best Dutch companies like Bom Greenhouses B.V., Bosman Van Zaal, Debets Shalke, Agrolux, Svensson, Bonar, Ridder and many other. We are the official representative and distributor of the reputable Dutch company Bom Greenhouses and we are constantly developing the greenhouse industry. Bom Greenhouses is known worldwide for being the most technologically advanced greenhouse manufacturer. Bom Group has been designing greenhouses for over half a century.

Why we work with Bom Greenhouses B.V.? Innovation. They have a R & D department that guarantees continuous improvement and new systems. Many products using in the horticultural industry were developed by this company.

The company is focused on quality. Only the best is good enough. Because of this, their products contain all the latest technical innovations and meet the highest quality standards. As a representative we have full documentation and supervision.

Effective organization
They give customers what they are entitled to. Bom Group respect the rules and laws wherever they work. They deliver what they promise.

Clever project managers and rigid rules in the company guarantee trouble-free production. This means the shortest possible construction time.

The company is more than half a century old. Employees have extensive experience in the design and construction of greenhouses in all climatic conditions and in various parameters.

We have one of the most extensive machinery park in the greenhouse industry in Poland and we are constantly developing it. Our machine park includes:

3 specialized construction and glazing machines
4 telescopic loaders
2 crawler machines
4 specialized tractors with fork for glass delivery

Thanks to modern machines we are able to meet European safety standards, ensure the highest level of safety on work place and guarantee the shortest realization time.

The main goal of PPHU Kazimierczak Jerzy is to achieve full satisfaction and recognition from our clients. This means that our services and manufactured products meet all customer requirements, both technically and qualitatively. In order to implement the Quality Policy we use all available tools provided by the Quality Management System PN – EN 9001: 2009.